The 16-Slide Magic Pitchdeck Formula

How to structure your pitchdeck to get money to come to you

Everyone thinks that I have a “Magic Pitchdeck” that quickly and easily raises millions of dollars in growth capital on founder-friendly terms.

Guess what? I do! And people regularly pay me $150k+ to teach them my proven 16 Slide Magic Pitchdeck Formula.

Want to get a copy of my 16-Slide Magic Pitchdeck? Keep reading to find out how you can get it for free!

What’s my secret? I present information using PRE-WIRED IDEAS.

In other words, I give investors information their brain is already familiar with and expecting to receive, so there’s no friction or confusion.

I deliver information in the exact amount of detail they can absorb; in the exact order want to receive it; using only the amount of time they have committed to pay attention.

I’m not kidding when I say this, if you paid me $150k today to help you fix your pitch, the very first thing I’d do is re-arrange it into this 16-Slide format.

So why am I willing to give this to you for free?

Because I’m running for President of West Coast Finance and I’m serious about building an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports real businesses in the real economy.

And it’s exactly why I’m taking a page out of the original “West Coast Finance” blueprint that started the venture ecosystem as we know it…

Getting everyone who wants to do deals together in a room… agreeing to a certain set of standardized formats… and aggressively teaching capital raising CEOs how to structure their pitch to get funded F.A.S.T.

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P.S If you’d like a more comprehensive breakdown of how to raise money F.A.S.T. in today’s crazy markets…

On this call, I’m going to teach you the ultimate skill in business – turning a ~30-45 minute meeting into $100k - $1m+ checks.

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