ALERT: A pre-ipo trade with 10x potential

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People have been asking me a lot of questions about my simple three step formula for passively growing your wealth…

  • Step 1: Cash in for as little as $1,000

  • Step 2: Wait 18 - 36 months

  • Step 3: Cash out for potential 3x, 5x, even 10x return… all while taking as little risk as possible!

That’s why yesterday – on Thanksgiving – I hosted a private training session where I unpacked EXACTLY how this unique trade works (go here to watch it).

Normally I NEVER post replays of these types of training sessions…

But as a special Black Friday gift, you’ll have until Monday, Nov 27th at Midnight to review the video…

Learn about how this trade – which I call the 10x Backdoor – can help you consistently generate 3-10x returns on capital…

And tell me if you are IN or OUT to invest alongside me in is a $200m factory I’m building in the Dallas, Texas area.

You’d be coming in at a $75m valuation (or 75 cents per share) and we’d be looking to take the company public at ~$250m market cap in 2025.

[Legal disclaimer: I can’t promise this WILL happen, but this is the internal mandate for the company to be up, running, and IPO’d by the end of 2025 at the latest]

Maybe you’d decide to sell your entire position at the IPO for a quick ~2-3x return…

Maybe you sell a little bit on the IPO and let the rest ride until we hit a $1bn market cap (which would be ~10x).

However, in order to qualify for a public listing on the Nasdaq or NYSE, I need 400 shareholders. 

That’s where you come in!


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