How to Dunk on the Competition & Win It All

Every single week that passes, I am getting more confirmation THIS investment thesis is correct.

I don’t like sending a ton of emails reminding people I’m hosting a webinar… but here we go, let’s dive in -

Because this is important if you’re a fan of the Pitch Anything brand – and you’re serious about making more money as either a business owner or investor: there are three important reasons why you need to be on this call:

  • If you’re a fan of my books, and you’re wondering when the next one is going to come out… I’m not joking when I say this, the deal I’m showing to you on this call will almost certainly be the main story in the next book I write.

  • If you’re an entrepreneur looking to raise capital, and you’re looking for a way to learn from me… I want you to see how I correctly raise money for established COMPANIES – versus what most people do – when they attempt to incorrectly raise money for bad-ideas.

  • If you’re an investor or fund manager, and you’re looking for “good deals” to put money into… The last manufacturing technology deal I did generated a ~4x return in about 12 months for my investors. If all goes well, this current opportunity has ANOTHER 4-5x of upside for investors who come in this round. Not to mention, a clear path to public markets in 18-36 months.

And just to be clear. I can’t legally promise you’re going to make 4x your money in 12 months like the investors in my last deal did…

But here’s why I – and all my other investors in this deal – are so excited: 

It seems like every single week that passes, I am getting more confirmation my investment thesis is correct.

What’s my investment thesis? There is huge money to be made in the reindustrialization of America.

The United States is going through a massive secular trend of re-industrializing. Spending on building manufacturing facilities has reached a record high $108bn in 2022, and projected to reach more than $200m in 2023.

But the question is, for “little guys” like us, what’s the best way to play the trend?

For the Oren Klaff family money, here is what we will NOT be investing in: 

  • Semiconductor Factories

  • Battery Factories

  • Car Factories

  • Chemical Factories

  • Airplane, Drone, and Missile Factories

And for some very obvious reasons. Not only are these quite possibly the most competitive industries in the world…

They require huge sums of money – and lots of government contracting experience – to get anything done.

And more relevant, these are 10-20 year investment cycles that are far better suited for institutional and government spending. 

Because in the Game of Money, the goal is to make as much money as possible, as easily as possible. 

Basically, what we want to figure out how to do is dunk on school kids, take their lunch money, and then send them to detention for anger management. 

Where might you find such a juicy target full of lazy competitors? 

Like all good (and bad) stories, this one starts in Las Vegas.

On Feb 29th, I attended a industry wide conference industrial surfaces 

Here’s me walking into the tradeshow with my badge.

And I kid you not, it was like I somehow time-traveled back to 1995.

I was surrounded by a sea of high-dollar booths in the manufacturing industry, each one showcasing their products without any of the flash and dazzle of modern technology.

  • No video walls

  • No young, attractive (and highly motivated) reps

  • No Hollywood franchises

  • And not a single celebrity in sight to draw in crowds

It was 4.7 million square feet of completely unmotivated people doing nothing special at all.

Take a look at this booth…

This booth probably cost $250,000 to reserve and set-up. And it’s not like these are cheap pieces of cardboard and styrofoam…

These are 400lb stone slabs someone with a forklift had to ship to the convention center, move, and set up.

So with this much effort put into setting this booth up, you’d think there’d be a lot of people looking to get you over to the booth, check out their product, and place some orders… right? 


Instead of the typical “car salesman” mentality of tradeshow people, not a single person in the entire convention center started a single conversation with us. 

So with nothing better to do, I decided to take things into my own capable hands, start talking to anyone I could find, and pump them for some information about what is going on in this industry.

And I couldn’t believe the things people told me…

  • When I asked about this industry’s “asbestos” problem called silicosis … pretty much everyone told me they aren’t worried about it AT ALL. In fact, one rep from a company you definitely know the name of said to me (not kidding): “Everything is toxic. What are they going to do, just ban manufacturing? That’s like saying they are going to ban smoking” and we’re potentially going to ban silicosis causing materials.

    For those of you who aren’t up to speed on American regulations, we definitely banned smoking.

  • I asked a sales rep about inventory issues… and they told me “we don’t really care what comes in, because it all sells anyway.

  • And when I asked why no one raises capital and tries to size up in the market… the overwhelming answer was “why take risk? … we already sell everything we make.”

I’ve already been working on a deal for four years to take over this market, and millions have been invested between investors and myself.

So believe me when I say this, I’m already “IN” on this whole deal. 

But after I walked out of the convention center, it was exactly like that scene in the Big Short where Steve Carrell’s character orders ANOTHER $1bn of mortgage products after he sees who he’s trading against.

I went to this show to buy 20,000 slabs of quartz to start filling the ~$30m of revenue I’m looking at booking in 2024… and literally no one wanted to talk to me about taking my money.

So let me ask you a simple question…

If you found an industry that seemed to operate on the assumption that good products alone are enough… there is no reason to pay attention to regulations… they don’t care about meeting changing customer demand…

And you’re sitting on a “Royal Flush” of a deal that can eat all of these kids lunches…

Would you double down?

I did. And that’s why I have zero hesitation signing a purchase order for $26m of equipment based off my personal balance sheet. 

That’s how good my position is that I’m going to crush these people thanks to the Pitch Anything Playbook.

Not only does this deal have Oren Klaff as chief storyteller and dealmaker…

I have a proven management team running the company that’s already built a $100m revenue (and highly profitable) factory from the ground up…

I’ve got Breton’s 4th generation technology platform, that apparently NO ONE ELSE is planning on fully upgrading to, anytime soon…

And I just had a call with an distributor who loves this deal so much, he’s confident he can help walk me into $100m+ of order volume over the next two years.

So again, I’m not joking when I say this, this deal might be the single best of my entire career.

And the only reason I’m showing it to individual investors like you is for one simple result – this deal gets better by having hundreds (or even thousands) of everyday investors who are likely to be active customers of the company. 

People who understand our story, the lives we are saving by eliminating the risk of silicosis, have said to me personally they are going to be in our first round of customer orders.

While it might be easier for me to pick up all the money I need from a few PE groups …

The only thing they can add to this deal is money. But the next thing they do is try to change the business plan, or attempt to take it over.

But people like you can add so much more to the success of our business that we’re all building together, without the big investor drama you read about every day in the financial news.

So if you like the idea of potentially making a lot of money, building a great COMPANY (not just running a flip), and being part of a true American success story…

The real question is, if you’re looking for an exciting investment that has strong downside protection, solid profit margins, and a real chance at a 3-5x upside in the next 18 months…

Do you really have a better option than what I’m going to show you on Thursday’s call? 

If you do, please let me know about that deal because I’m very interested to see what that could even be.


P.S. I will not be sending out replays from this call for a variety of compliance reasons. If you want to see the deal, please come live. 

For those of you who are not in American time zones and are asleep, I’ll run a few other calls at different times over the next two weeks to accommodate my friends in London, Tokyo, and Sydney.

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