Emergency Broadcast: Raising Capital in a Post SVB World

As I sit down to write this email, SVB has failed. We are literally watching as Silicon Valley “eat its own.”

Watching Silicon Valley digest itself reminds me of the movie “ALIVE” and by the way, If you haven’t seen it, here’s the plot summary:


Thankfully, my company – and many of my clients – were not impacted by the events of the past week…

But for all you entrepreneurs who were already stressed about getting access to capital, this is super bad news.

How bad is it?

The Big Idea in 6 words: No More Easy Capital for Growth.

Let me jump in to help out in the best way I can - I’ve got the time and dough, and I’m compelled to do something to help out.

Two Things I’m Doing
to Help Cash-Strapped Companies

First, I’d like to invite you – and anyone you know who is raising capital – to an emergency broadcast about the F.A.S.T. Funding Method I’m hosting on Friday @ 9am PST. 

By then, I’ll have solid intel on what’s going on with the banking situation - and I’ll be sharing a precise plan for companies seeking growth capital in the post-SVB collapse.

My team is working on this detailed roadmap to money right now, and I will present it from my studio headquarters.

Second, with the sudden urgency for capital markets advice, I’m pressing “LAUNCH” on my latest project 30 days early! I’ve been planning this for quite some time, so welcome in advance to The Pitch Anything Playbook, a newsletter that publishes every move I’m making in real-time with my portfolio companies to optimize revenue and capitalize the balance sheet.

Let’s rock and roll, because this market is nothing but opportunity and easy pickings for INSIDERS who know what they’re doing.


Emergency Broadcast:
Raising Capital in a Post SVB World

When: Friday, March 17th @ 9am PST

Where: Click here to register

For the past decade, I’ve heard the same complaints from my circle of friends and colleagues.

How is it possible that 24-year-old Stanford grads with no experience can raise millions of dollars off a bad idea and a 6-slide pitch deck…

But “real” companies doing $10m+ in revenue can’t get a f*&%$@ 5-year 8% fully amortizing loan from their own bank.

How is it possible that weird tech companies sell for a 250 million dollars every day, making insane amounts of cash for insiders, but you can’t figure out what the hell they even do, how they make money, or even if they make money?

As we’ve watched the epic collapse of Silicon Valley Bank – the country club for future Unicorns – go underwater and drown, we’re beginning to find out the truth.

Right before our very eyes, we’re watching an entire financial ecosystem crumble for a hilariously predictable reason…

A complete lack of financial controls, governance, and accountability to shareholders!

All those Silicon Valley darlings that raised money at 100x forward-looking earnings are, well, …. completely fucked.

Trillions of dollars in crypto-wealth was wiped out with the FTX loss…

But the damage that a “real bank” collapse will do to capital markets is unnerving. If you thought it was already going to be hard to raise capital in 2023… good luck getting anything now.

However, the story you haven’t heard yet is, there’s $3.7 trillion of dry powder currently committed to invest in deals like yours, regardless of the carnage.

And if you want to get access to it, you need ALL THE ‘MAGIC STUFF’ that financial insiders are using to get their deals funded now.

These insiders, who all know how to tap into the active money market, really don’t care if First Republic, City National and Signature Bank become roadkill.

The money they tap into is always active and ready to go.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to this emergency broadcast I’m hosting this Friday, March 17th @ 9am PST.

On this webinar, you will learn the exact four-part framework I’ve personally used to raise more than a billion dollars in my career and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue across multiple different market cycles.

The secret behind this method is simple – raising capital is easy when you understand how to get the money to come to you.

To do that, you need three things exactly right. I’ll reveal what they are on the webinar. Go here to RSVP.


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