Fundraising Problems? Here's $3.7 trillion in available financing.

Quick update for you on what I'm doing as this financial crisis unfolds.

First, you need to know that I haven't moved a cent out of First Republic Bank, and I’m buying FRB stock with my personal funds (not investment advice).

But here’s the biggest thing I did yesterday:

I met with 25 companies in Irvine, CA – most doing $10m+ in revenue – for an emergency round table.

Here’s a quick snapshot of who was represented at the meeting:

  • An 8-figure eCommerce company

  • Fast growing Real Estate Investment Fund

  • A Financial Services Company >+50m

  • Several Training and Services companies

  • A Stone Manufacturing and Distribution company

  • 2 Wealth Management companies

  • And a few High Net Worth Investors (family office-types)

Take away #1. Everyone is nervous about banking and the safety of their capital reserves

Take away #2. When 25 men in good physical shape, some ex-pro athletes, start arguing about MONEY… someone throws a donut -- it hits the wrong person in the face … and all hell breaks loose.

Take away #3. I weigh 155 pounds and cannot fight anybody.

At exactly 10 am, we decided to do the only thing we could control. Go play football in the rain.

After knocking the living shit out of each other for 2.5 hours, here's the photo of our group….

Then we limped back to the hotel (injuries included a blown hamstring, twisted ankle, bloody nose, 3 probably-broken fingers) and only THEN, we were able to work together.

The results of all this shit talking, arguing, and bonding over business?

TOMORROW MORNING @ 9am PDT, I'm going to walk you through the results from this “Iron Bank” meeting and what 25 real companies representing more than $500m of revenue, came up with:

  • Conclusions on what is really happening in today's economy and financial markets

  • How these elite entrepreneurs are preparing for what's to come

  • And how they’re going to grow their companies, recession be damned.

How? By tapping into the $3.7 TRILLION of dry powder that’s in the market now – investor capital that has to be put to work, or it gets sent back to the LPs.

Source: Bain Capital

Want to find out how you can get your deal in front of this pool of capital?

Right now, we’ve got 323 people registered and only 500 spots available in the zoom room.

Make sure you get your spot before you miss out.


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