What does it take passively 3x, 5x, even 10x your money?

All you need to do is follow these three easy steps

As your inbox gets flooded this week with Black Friday offers from every corner of the internet…

There’s only one question you need to answer: 

If you’re in the second camp, you need to join some sort of investment syndication program where you can get ACCESS to those types of deals.

What’s an investment syndication program you ask? 

It’s a way for investors to pool their capital together – on a deal by deal basis – so they can invest in bigger projects and negotiate better terms than they could on their own.

And if you’re a small checkwriter – meaning you’re probably investing LESS than $100k per investment – joining a “union” of capital is how you put yourself in a favorable position to actually make money (instead of being the sucker at the table).

Only one problem – how the heck do you even find a syndication program that has access to the types of deals you’re looking for… and want YOU as a member?

Answer: I’d like to make you a special Black Friday offer and give you a “no risk” opportunity to join my investment syndication program, the IPO Factory.

Not only can you join for 50% off the retail price, I’ll be offering a 30 day money back guarantee…

But only if you order before Midnight PST on Monday Nov 27th.

Look. You’ve already worked hard your entire life to provide for your family and build your current net worth.

Now, it’s time for you to learn how to make your money to work hard for you!

But don’t worry… 

You don’t need nerves of steel to handle trades that could go up 400% one day, and then to zero the next…

I also can’t handle this, and stay far away from these types of strategies.

You won’t need to hand your money over to some visionary founder going after 100x opportunities, but are more likely to be a scam than an actual company…

And you definitely don’t need to become a small business owner or landlord to build generational wealth.

Sure, there’s plenty of ways you can build incredible wealth in a short period of time using ACTIVE strategies…

But if you want to double or triple your entire net worth PASSIVELY, you really don’t have a lot of good options.

Thanks to this little known “10 Backdoor,” I’ve personally helped my clients make hundreds of millions – if not billions – of dollars…

All you need to do is follow me into the same deals I’m investing my own money in, and use this simple, 3-step formula. 

  • Step 1: Cash in for as little as $1,000

  • Step 2: Wait 18 - 36 months

  • Step 3: Cash out for potential 3x, 5x, even 10x return… all while taking as little risk as possible!

These investment opportunities are open to anyone over the age of 18, regardless of income, net worth, and nationality (with a few exceptions). 

We just had our first official IPO Factory member event on November 9th – Manufacturing Tech 2023 – where I announced the first deal I’m leading.

If you’d like to review the recordings from the event – as well as get access to the investment opportunity – all you need to do is click here and start your membership to The IPO Factory.


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