TIme to BREAK my silence on this huge deal I'm in

the 20B industry you didn't even know existed

What’s the hardest kind of deal to pitch today?

Probably “real estate”, because … “Interest rates are so … blah blah blah.”

Get. Over. It.

Real Estate, software, B2B and retail … You need to find a way to get deals done today. Right now.

Because if you’ve read my book Pitch Anything, you already know whatever I’m going to show you in the next 2-minutes will be some kind of high-profile super-sized deal with a billion dollars on the other side of it.

A deal where interest rates, supply chain and geopolitics are all working for me – and my investors – not against me:

How much real estate is too much? Because, at 170,000 square feet, this is the smaller of my two Dallas deals: the other one is 500,000+ sqft.

What am I doing with nearly 1-million sqft of Dallas industrial space?

Here’s what I’m not doing with it:

  • Turning it into a supersized WeWork

  • Growing cannabis

  • Mining Bitcoin

Here’s what I am doing with it: Building a $1bn company in the next five years by combining a well understood business model with next generation intellectual property.

Here’s a quick peak as to what I’m doing in those buildings:

So you can see, I’m not making Pop Tarts or cupcakes (I’m not making helicopters either, although I could.)

Instead, these machines produce a highly desirable product at a 60% Gross Margin, 40% NET MARGIN.

And if we hit our pro forma targets, we’re looking at the very real possibility of building a factory that generates $61m EBIDTA by 2029.

Disclaimer: These financial projections are based on assumptions made by management, and should be considered a hypothetical illustration of potential future performance, not a promise or guarantee.

Depending on the multiple on EBIDTA we’d see in the public markets, that puts us squarely on track to build a billion dollar company in the next five years…

What product am I making? Don’t worry about that now because, as I’ve told you many times…

  • Just because you have a good product doesn’t mean you have a good company.

  • And just because you have a good company doesn’t mean it’s a good deal for investors.

Take it on faith for the moment there is huge, unmet demand for the product we are making… and our management team has a proven track record of building successful companies.

For now, let’s just focus on why I – and my group of investors – are so excited about this deal from a financial perspective.

What does it REALLY take to build a Billon Dollar Company?

If you’ve read Flip the Script, you’ve heard about the concept I like to call “Plain Vanilla with a Twist.”

Basically, it means “when you’re raising capital for a project, it has to be a deal that has already worked dozens of times before, but with one thing different.”

That’s exactly what I’m doing with this deal right here – leveraging a proven model for success in manufacturing technology that has worked over and over again.

In case I haven’t told you, for the last four years, I’ve been working with Breton SpA, a $500m per year precision manufacturing company near Venice, Italy.

Breton was founded in 1963 by by Marcello Toncelli, who saw the massive opportunity in developing new technologies and manufacturing industrial plants for producing compound stone…

Which in the United States alone, is an ~$18b retail market.

Today, 95% of all branded quartz products made in the world are produced on Breton equipment.

How’d I land this partnership of a lifetime?

I pitched my way into this company by using every single skill-set you’ve read about in Pitch Anything and Flip the Script – and by bringing all my cash, credit and balance sheet to the table – to become the lead investor on what will be Breton’s 81st factory…

A $200m high-tech facility in the Dallas Metro area.

Except this factory has one thing that none of the other ones do – Breton’s breakthrough 4th generation technology platform.

I’ll tell you about the technology another time, because it will blow your mind.

But here’s the important thing you need to know about this deal…

Our original pro forma summary had us on track to be generating $40m in revenue in 2026…

And on track to build a $1bn company by 2029.

But thanks to a recent development, we are on the cusp of restating our pro forma forecast, as we are looking at potentially booking $30m of revenue in 2024 – Two years ahead of schedule!

My original pro forma projection had us on track to be generating $40m in revenue in 2026. It was going to take 2-years to secure 50 acres of land, get permits, and otherwise build a factory from the ground up. 

Because this is no pop-up factory I’m building: it’s state-of-the-art, Italian precision manufacturing, with floors that are clean enough to eat off of.

But thanks to a short miracle, I was able to secure 170,000 sq ft of prime space in the Dallas area that has massively accelerated my revenue forecast – $30m of revenue in 2024. This Year.

In an effort to support this revenue, I’ve already gone ahead and placed a $26m purchase order for equipment – and have done so off my own personal credit with Breton.

As you might imagine, this is going to make it pretty easy for me to walk in to any of the big checkwriters I usually work with whether it’s Geyser, Blackrock, BG, A2e or others.

But the reason I’m telling you about this now is because everyone always complains when I write stories about all the cool deals I’m doing, after the fact.

So this is your chance.

If you’ve read one of my books, heard me on podcasts, or seen me on stage… you’ve always wished you could invest alongside me in one of those deals you only ever get to hear stories about…

Join, at 10am PT because this is a real call, there’s no “replay”. Again, I am not going to send you a replay of the meeting.

If you want to see this deal, you need to show up to the call and enjoy what you’re about to see.


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