Want to come to Italy with me on April 22nd?

... be sure to tell your family you’re taking them to Venice in a few weeks!

Not long ago, I told Amalia we were going to Italy on a $26 million shopping spree.

True to my word, here we are at Ferrari Milan: total spend $200. (Look at that guy in the red jacket … an unhappy salesperson only got me to buy a hat and a shirt.)

And that was just the first of many items we bought: next up, a set of coffee cups ….

Remaining budget? $26 million.


Next stop here, where I spent ALL OF IT: these machines can cost me $2m+ each.

and the super mega oversized spare parts are expensive too:

If you’re been reading this newsletter for a while, then you know all of this equipment is going into one of my Texas factory locations:

And now it’s time to go back to Italy and buy even more, I’m expanding the trip budget to $52,000,000 [FIFTY TWO MILLION] … true story.

How is that even possible?

Again, if you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while, then you already know I’m building a $200m advanced manufacturing facility and targeting a $1b asset value.

More on that in a moment.

But for a moment, back to this Italy Trip:

In a few weeks, April 22nd, I’m going to be hosting our first ever INVESTORS ONLY due diligence trip for everyone who participated in this investment round so far. Check it out …

In case this is your first time hearing about the $200m advanced manufacturing facility I’m building in the Dallas metro area, 

Here’s a quick recap of all the milestones we’ve hit over the last ~90 days:

  • 50-acre site locked down in the Dallas-area: Signed LOI and are entering into a purchase and sale agreement for a 50-acre site to be used for the construction of my factory.

  • IP Agreements: In addition to the already disclosed technologies – see my last two emails - BioQuartz, Chromia, and Kreos-Plus – my technology partner, a 500M company, has agreed to license our company with additional and proprietary new advanced manufacturing technology that will be unique to our facility.

  • LOI for up to $100m in Debt financing: As part of our broader capital markets program, I’m going to open debt facility for our equipment needs with the help of Wolbert Holdings, a corporate finance advisory firm we’ve engaged, and obtained the first non-binding LOI in a series of potential debt commitments for the project.

  • Additional Purchase Orders for high-tech precision Manufacturing Equipment: As management of this deal I have signed a purchase order for up to $100m in precision manufacturing equipment.

  • I have signed a lease document for an additional 170,000 sq/ft in Dallas: Because the new ground-up site build will not be finished until 2025 at the earliest, I’ve identified an already existing 170,000 sq/ft site to install up to four (4) manufacturing stations needed for the fulfillment of target revenue in 2024. 

And if you want to join me – and about a dozen other investors – all you need to do is become a shareholder BEFORE we close this round on Friday, April 5th.

Normally, I would NOT send out a replay of the call due to compliance reasons. 

However, because we are closing this round on April 5th, I’ll be sending out the replay to everyone who registers, just in case you can’t make the call live.


P.S. In case you’re wondering, because this a due diligence trip, many of my investors may have the option to turn this into a tax write of for 2024.

Obviously, I cannot give tax advice, so talk to your accountant to see what kind of deduction you’ll be able to take…

And be sure to tell your family you’re taking them to Venice on April 22nd to go on a “shopping spree.” They’ll love it!

To learn more about how you can become a shareholder and come on this trip, make sure you sign up for the “New Prospective Investor” I’m hosting on Thursday @ 10am Pacific.

See you on Thursday.


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