Want me to help you achieve your first $100m+ exit?

An open letter to founder led companies seeking generational wealth

When founders come to me, it’s usually because they’re after one of two things…

First… they just want to get “so ****ng rich” so they can “stop working” and finally spend “more time with their family.”

Second… they want to bag a $100m+ warchest to go next-level, and buy into a $1bn+ opportunity they see ahead for their business.

And for whatever reason, once they’ve hit the $1bn number, well, the plan is always to buy an island, a baseball team, and a castle.

That’s the game.

But here’s the thing you have to understand about the game of money.

You don’t need a billion dollars in the bank to live the life of your dreams.

For example, I don’t have $100m in liquid net worth, but if you see the lifestyle I live today – and the amazing things I get to do with friends and family – you’d sure think I did.

Take a look at this private jet.

This is NOT my plane and I’d never claim it is. But here’s the cool part about this Challenger 604…

The only reason I’m able to use this 12-passenger jet whenever I want? I recently hosted something I call a “reverse road show” for one of my clients

After one of the billionaire investors who came to the event – which was hosted my office, known as Oren Klaff’s West Coast Finance Center …

…. he decided he wanted to spend more time with me, and loaning me the PJ was a great way to build the relationship.

Screw flying first class! For the low low price of $3,000 an hour, I get to go anywhere I want to go in a 1,000 mile radius. Still not free, but a lot less than buying a $20M aircraft.

But the best part? Now when we travel with Asher on his hockey career, not only can we make games hundreds of miles away, we can take the whole team with us.

Don’t get me wrong. None of this landed in my lap … I’ve worked my ass off for the past 30 years of my professional life to get where I am now.

And the reason I have the connections I do that allow me to life the lifestyle I want is because I know how to do something most people can’t…

Turn a ~45 minute meeting into a million dollar checks!

You’ve read all about some of my greatest hits in my best selling books, Pitch Anything and Flip the Script.

But the reality of the money business isn’t nearly as sexy as shows like Succession and Billions make it out to be.

10% of the time, you get to do the big baller activities that you see on TV.

The other 90% of the time is spent in a dimly lit room digging through client datarooms, agonizing over multi-tab spreadsheets and financial models, and screwing around with lawyers about whatever the hell they’re gonna break your balls on…

To add insult to injury, said dimly lit room is probably in a hotel somewhere in Baltimore or City of Industry.

When I got started in this business in 2005, just like today, all the easy “dot com” money had dried up.

But there was still infinite cash for people who worked hard, had real deals, and knew how to talk to investors.

When I got started, I was dealing with all the same “problems” and “objections” you’re getting today.

But here’s the thing I learned about doing deals in a post-bubble world…

Nothing in the investors' life really changes. They have to put money out, regardless of what the market is doing.

Even if the risk free rate is at 5%, the investors will take a 7% deal if they feel they understand how it works and they feel like they have “control.”

This means the only thing that is actually separating you from the money you need to build towards a $100m+ exit is simply a matter of certainty.

After two decades of being in the trenches inside of almost every kind of deal you can imagine – from real estate notes and search funds to hundred million and billion dollar deals…

When you’re raising capital in challenging markets like the one we’re in today, there’s only one thing that gets the deal done.

Does the investor trust you with their money FOR THE NEXT 3-5 YEARS?

How do you do this in a single ~45 minute meeting with someone you’ve never met before?

It all comes down to having your investor facing materials in a specific format, using proven narratives that investors like to receive information in.

If you understand this “Insider-to-Insider” language, this is how you get access to all the money you need when it seems like it’s impossible to get.

For almost two decades, I’ve helped founder-led companies tap into capital markets, build their investor base, and eventually exit their company.

But here’s the thing I’ve learned about working with founder-led companies across 100+ deals…

No one wants to learn how to put together pitch decks, financial models, data rooms, and all this other boring sounding stuff.

They just want to get in front of investors, get some money, and go run their company.

In fact, when people call me, what they’re all secretly hoping is that I’m going to introduce them to some rich guys in my network that will make all their dreams come true.

For at least the last 10 years, I completely rejected the idea that I would ever share my network with anyone.

Why would I? I worked my entire career to build these relationships. I’m not going to burn them in a weekend by introducing my best investors to someone I barely know.

But over the past six months, I saw a huge opportunity to fill a growing need in capital markets.

That’s why I am now the de facto President of West Coast Finance.

Instead of trying to break into these other “country clubs of money” – like Silicon Valley – who have no interest in outsiders like me…

I’d rather build my own country club – or “entrepreneurial ecosystem” – to do my own deals, with my own investors, and with professionals that I like and trust.

To clarify, yes, this means if you’d like to get an introduction to the investors in the West Coast Finance Ecosystem, there is now a pathway for you to get in the same room with billions of dollars of capital I have in my network.

But here’s the catch…

Just like how the Silicon Valley ecosystem developed their “lingua franca” of venture capital finance – specifically, the terrible “mission, vision, values” startup decks everyone seems to thinks is a pitch…

My investors have a specific format they like to see.

For most people I work with, it takes ~60-90 days to get everything set up correctly before I can even consider making any introductions…

And instead of charging you the price of a $20K/day McKinsey consultant to help you do MBA-level financial engineering on your own business…

I decided to put together this 90-day group coaching program that is affordable to all of the founder-lead, early stage growth companies who are looking to raise their first real round of capital.

If you want to join my country club of money – and hey, maybe even get to ride with me on the jet to a Hockey game, – all you need to do is go here and sign up for a 90-day membership to the Map to Money Bootcamp.

Here’s what you get when you start your trial membership today…

When you become a member of Map to Money Bootcamp, you are going to get access to a private membership website with all of the training material in the program…

Plus, you’ll have access to AT LEAST two live group coaching calls per week with me and my team of coaches. (Calls are on Thursday @ 10am Pacific, Friday @ noon Pacific time).

The purpose of this group coaching program is simple. We want to help founder-led companies looking to make a “sexy exit” in the next 3-5 years.

That means either selling the company in a $100m+ M&A transaction…

Or taking the company public at AT LEAST a $250m market cap (which would officially make you a “small cap” public company).

Regardless of the path you take, chances are, you’re going to need to raise several rounds of capital over the next few years to generate the result you’re looking for.

But here’s the thing you need to understand about raising capital…

The #1 thing you DO NOT want is to have a “stale listing.”

The longer it takes you to complete your round, the harder it gets.

Why? Because investors are far more motivated by FOMO than you think. If other people are putting money into it, they want to put money in to.

I call this “Capital Velocity” – the faster you raise money, the faster money comes in.

But unfortunately, the reverse is also true: the longer it takes for your deal to raise the funds, the more people will think something is wrong with it.

Even worse, the more you start “shopping” the deal to try and raise that money, the more “real” investors will avoid participating in your deal.

That’s why it’s crucial to the success of your next raise to make sure you are properly set up to run a highly efficient capital raising process.

In this 90-day program, I’m going to walk you through the exact process I take clients who pay me $150,000+ to help them get ready to go to market.

I call it the “Map to Money”

This is – hands down – the single best tool I think I’ve ever created for helping people understand exactly where their best options are for getting their hands on money F.A.S.T.

For whatever reason, when founders coming to me looking for capital, they always want to start with the hardest thing possible: getting big check writers from cold outreach.

But here’s what I’ve noticed about the vast majority of operating companies I’ve worked with…

Before you EVER take your deal out to institutional investors, there are a lot of critical tasks you must complete if you want to get the best cost of capital, and otherwise avoid predatory deal terms.

Not to mention, there’s a LOT of low-effort/high-impact strategies you can start implementing today that can generate anywhere between $10,000 - $100,000 in additional revenue or costs savings.

And like I said, instead of asking you to hire an expensive MBA to help you do some basic financial engineering to juice your numbers a bit and make the deal look more attractive…

I’m going to give you access to some of my very best internal training programs to help you find the easiest money in your business.

These are basic – but powerful – money moves like:

  • How to Raising your Prices with zero customer loss: One of the easiest ways to make more money is also the simplest. Charge more for what you’re doing right now. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to raise your prices.

  • Top-grading/firing Employees: When was the last time you looked at your payroll and determined if you had the right people working at the right price? I know it’s hard to let people go sometimes, but every dollar counts, and should be deployed into the very best people you can hire.

  • Cost Analysis: There are some things you’re paying for that are expensive and have little benefit to your business model, and I can say with confidence that my cost analysis people can spot those inefficiencies in minutes. Also called cost-benefit analysis, this is the process of running some numbers on the return-on-investment you’re getting from your current spend. We can rapidly eyeball everything from SaaS-costs to Transaction-fees, and turn that into retained earnings.

  • And a whole lot more!

Want to know what all of these things have in common? A basic assumption driven financial model that allows you to think about your business the way a real investor would…

And then start building enterprise value in the way investors will happily write checks for.

My plan is to eventually make this 90-day group coaching progam $3,000 to participate in – which is worth every penny of that price…

But because this is a brand new group coaching program I’m spinning up, I’m going to give everyone who signs up this week a special deal.

Instead of paying $1,000 a month for the next three months, when you start your 90-day trial membership today, you only pay $497.

But fair warning. This discounted offer ends this Friday, June 9th @ 9pm PDT / midnight EDT.

Next week, the price goes up to $797, and then $997 the week after that.

So if you know you want to participate in this program, go here and sign up before the price goes up.

-Oren Klaff

P.S. for those of you who want to work with me one-on-one on your capital raise, I am completely booked out right now.

At any given time, I’ve got ~5-6 companies we’re working with at Intersection Capital, and the vast majority of companies I work with are founders who’ve read my books and come to our live events. In other words, the companies I’m helping now, including a $400M manufacturing firm, started in a program just like this.

It’s a great way for us to build a relationship in a low-cost, low-risk environment before we even talk about partnering.

That’s why I’m launching our West Coast Finance membership program as a way for anyone who wants to do business with me.

Not to mention, if you follow the program and put your investor presentation materials in the format our investors like,well then I’d be happy to introduce you to them as well.

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